Monday, May 19, 2008

Needlepunch Bunny & Reading Progress

I finished the needlepunch bunny a few days ago. I will edit this post with a photo once I take one. Anyhow, the actual completion didn't take more than an hour, but it's been a WIP for over a year and one thing I really need to do is finish up some projects before I begin any new ones. Also, I haven't been feeling well the last few days so I've been working on handwork projects. It's kind of been nice to get a running start on my list by going for the low-hanging fruit, but soon I need to start getting to my cleaning and organizing goals.

I read to my daughter again for more than 20 minutes yesterday and plan on doing it again today. Right now, her attention span doesn't last much more than that, but I do feel a lot better about being a good mother just with this one goal that I hope to make a habit. I'd really like to shoot for every day, but I didn't want to set myself up for failure by missing a day when we are out of town or something.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Socks & One Book

Here are the socks I finished. They were about 75% done before starting the challenge; they've been on the needles since December.

Also, I read Thicker Than Blood by Penelope Farmer and read to my daughter today.
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101 in 1001 Challenge

I am doing the 101 in 1001 challenge as outlined at I'm going to have my own revolving list where I can add new challenges to replace completed items so I can keep the list relevant to my life, but I do hope to complete all original goals before my end date. Bolded items are complete whereas italics denote items in progress. I began my 1001 days yesterday on May 16, 2008 which puts my 1001st and last day on February 10, 2011, giving me an average of about 10 days per task. The original 101 items will be listed in black and additions to the list will be blue. Here is my list, organized by category:

Completed (19/101)
Completed (0/3)

Creative endeavors
  • Finish knitting husband's socks (May 16, 2008)
  • Finish knitting daughter's sweater (February 8, 2009)
  • Knit brother mittens
  • Knit brother scarf
  • Sew daughter a dress
  • Sew daughter an I Spy bag
  • Finish shadowbox for daughter's room
  • Finish sewing Halloween cat pillow
  • Finish sewing Halloween pumpkin pillow
  • Finish sewing dragon for sister
  • Knit an afghan for Mom & Dad
  • Sew another pillowcase for brother
  • Knit guitar strap for brother
  • Machine knit blanket for daughter (Needs crochet edging and maybe a complete re-do)
  • Sew pillowcase for husband
  • Finish embroidering floral pillowcase
  • Embroider second pillowcase of the set
  • Dollhouse for daughter
  • Finish needlepunch bunny (May 17, 2008)
  • Quilt for baby boy due in December
  • Knit hat for baby boy due in December (November 18, 2008)
  • Knit fingerless gloves for sister (November 13, 2008)
  • T-Shirt quilt for husband
  • Knit socks for me with yarn already purchased
  • Learn to play one song on my erhu
  • Figure out tabs for a particular song on my guitar
  • Learn another particular song on guitar
  • Write and record an original song
  • Re-do entrelac scarf
  • Knit socks for Mom (September 11, 2008)
  • Make booties for baby boy due in December (February 28, 2008)
  • Knit hat for daughter (October 29, 2008)
  • Amigurumi for daughter (June 21, 2008) *
  • Make a Flash game or movie
  • Host a craft night
  • Secret goal #1 - to be revealed when complete
  • Secret goal #2
  • Secret goal #3
  • Secret goal #4
  • Secret goal #5
  • Finish sewing bookmark
Archival goals
  • Audiojournal 10 times and archive (0/10)
  • Family blog entry 1x a month (3/34)
  • Scrapbook 10 pages (0/10)
  • Photoshop and print 100 digital photos (17/100)
  • Backup hard drives to external drive (July 7, 2008)
  • Create master list
  • Digitize camcorder tapes
  • Create family history DVD
  • Create an address book
  • Get some of husband's grandma's southern recipes
  • Blog #2 entry 1x month (2/34)
  • Blog #3 entry 1x month (0/34)
  • Create family photos album for daughter
  • Digitize graduation video
  • Track down wedding video and archive
  • Finish typing up Mom's recipes from cookbook
  • Practice music for 1/2 hour every day for one month (0/31)
  • Make a will
Mental enhancement/enjoyment
  • Learn 10 new Chinesepod lessons perfectly (0/10)
  • Read a classic novel
  • Watch 10 movies I haven't seen on AFI's list or other list (0/10)
  • Read 10 books I already own (5/10 dades, th, cl, crypto, ttw)
  • Read ______
  • Get Rosetta Stone Mandarin Level 1 and complete
  • Go to _______ (August 2008)
  • Watch Alfred Hitchcock movies I haven't seen yet
  • Listen to all EscapePod episodes (11/5/2008)
  • Make something from Cook's Illustrated vidcast
  • Get my 5 a day for two weeks straight (0/14)
  • Go to the dentist (Nov 3, 2008)
  • Go to the eye doctor
  • Secret Health goal
  • Walk 500 miles on treadmill (4.6/500)
  • Get third hepatitis shot
People I Know
  • Send brother music CD
  • Send brother belated birthday package (October 13, 2008)
  • Send MIL photo CD
  • Secret family & friends goal
  • Read to daughter at least 20 minutes a day at least 5 days a week for five weeks (I hope to continue this during the whole challenge)
Domestic Bliss
  • Paint the bathroom and hallway
  • Clean out and clean the van
  • Try to get rid of spot on old quilt
  • Get wedding ring polished and inspected
  • No eating out for one month (0/31)
  • One week of complete meal planning (0/7)
  • Donate 101 things to charity thrift store (June 26, 2008)
  • Pay down extra $1000 on mortgage - $10 for each task completed, to be paid the following month (190/1000)
  • Organize all papers
  • Organize my clothes
  • Organize daughter's clothes (September 8, 2008)
  • Organize craft room
  • Weed out books (June 16, 2008)
  • Organize pantry
  • Organize storage room
  • Organize toiletries & medicines & get rid of expired items (September 8, 2008)
  • Organize toys
  • Organize computer area
  • Organize under stair closet
  • Organize cabinets - china hutch, sideboard, small sideboard, and clean off their tops. (October 25, 2008)
  • Organize and clean carport
  • Organize music - put loose sheets in clear sleeves in binder
  • Get to a point where all laundry is done and put away, including hand-wash items
  • Mend husband's suit pants (1/3)
I shall try to write a new post when I complete items.